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When you’re staring at a spreadsheet for hours on end, a little organization can go a long way. To stay organized, I create new sheets, freeze panes, and insert filters.

Creating, Editing, and Protecting Sheets
Keep raw data and clean data in separate sheets, create new sheets, color-code your sheets, protect your sheets, and hide/unhide your sheets.

Freezing Panes
Freeze your top row and/or your first column so that your headers stay in view as you scroll through the data.

Filtering Data
Use filters to quickly sort your data.

Formatting Numbers
Convert numbers with decimal places into percentages and adjust how many decimal places are shown.

Formatting Text: Lower, Upper, and Proper
Use =lower to transform uppercase letters to lowercase letters, use =upper to transform lowercase letters into uppercase letters, and use =proper for proper names.

Formatting Names: Proper and &
Combine =proper and the & operator to combine and format text from different cells, like first and last names.

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