After you’ve analyzed your data, you’ll want to showcase the key findings through charts. Get started with these beginner-level fundamentals.

Inserting a Bar or Column Chart
How to insert a bar chart or column chart from scratch.

Inserting a Stacked Bar Chart

Designing a Side-by-Side Bar Chart

Changing the Chart’s Type
How to change the type of chart you just made (without deleting it and starting from scratch).

Moving a Chart to Its Own Sheet
How to move a chart or graph into its own sheet so you have more space to work.

Adding Labels to a Chart
How to add data labels to your charts, adjust the font and font size of the data labels, and adjust the position of the data labels.

Removing Tick Marks and Grid Lines
Maximize data-ink ratio by removing distracting gray lines like tick marks and grid lines.

Reversing the Order of Your Chart’s Categories

Fixing Funny-Looking Charts with ‘Switch Row/Column’

Adjusting Units in Your Chart’s Axes

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