Evaluation is an exciting field. I’m always impressed to watch colleagues designing and conducting evaluations, as well as finding great ways to share results and make sure findings get used.

Lately, I’ve been particularly impressed with the growing number of evaluators who are sharing their insights  through blogging. I’ve been most influenced by Chris Lysy’s video about why evaluators should blog and by the dozens of evaluators who’ve posted about the value of blogging on aea365.

It seems that evaluators are blogging about everything – so even though I’ve felt the calling to blog for a while, I was hesitant because I didn’t know whether I’d have anything unique to add. I’m a new evaluator! And just started my master’s degree! What could I possibly contribute to the field? Well, just that!

I’d like to invite you to see program evaluation through the lens of a new (-ish) evaluator. I’ll be sharing my adventures as I navigate the field of evaluation – my insights, joys, frustrations, innovations, and reactions – as I strive to design evaluations that are truly useful.