Coaching Borrow my brain. You'll receive my undivided attention.


Have you ever wanted to pick my brain?
Do you have questions about your own project?
Do you need a second set of eyes to review your visualizations?


How It Works

We’ll connect through the magic of screensharing. I’ll share my webcam so you can laugh at my awkward expressions. You’ll share your screen so that we can overhaul your reports, slides, dashboards, and infographics together.

Coaching sessions last 60 minutes. They’re designed for a few specific questions. I can also provide a few days or weeks of consulting on your project. (And yes, the rates are different for long-term projects.)

Sessions are for designed for small groups (one, two, or three people, plus me). For larger groups, let’s talk about workshops or webinars.


What We’ll Work On

Here’s what we’ve accomplished together in past coaching sessions:

  • A research company had data visualization skills in-house so they asked me to serve in an advisory role for a major report. Over eight sessions, we edited the graphs that their analysts and graphic designers had drafted.
  • A new Director of Research needed to know what types of common visualization mistakes she should be looking for in her team members’ publications. Over eight sessions, we walked through her real datasets, remaking many of the graphs as we went.
  • A grantmaker needed to aggregate key statistics about his portfolio–how many grants were funded, to how many different organizations, in various dollar amounts, and so on. He also needed to compare this year’s portfolio to prior portfolios, but the information was scattered throughout several databases. Over five sessions, we built a master dataset, analyzed historical grantmaking patterns, and produced a dozen graphs for an upcoming presentation to his Board of Trustees.
  • A small team of data analysts needed to communicate how their organization was progressing towards their goals. They had the number-crunching skills but needed to be pointed in the right direction visually. Over two sessions, we produced a dashboard to display whether they were reaching their goals. They discussed this dashboard during their annual Board of Directors retreat.



You’ll receive an email within two business days to schedule your first session.

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