I watched a great American Evaluation Association Coffee Break webinar today by Efrain Gutierrez. The webinar was called “Understanding Mexican Culture to Improve the Interview Experience with Mexicans.” Efrain shared some useful tips for interviewing Mexicans. Here are some take-aways from his webinar:

  • Make sure you give Mexican women a chance to speak up during the interview since they’re not always used to speaking up in the machismo Mexican culture.
  • Leave time for small talk, especially at the beginning of the interview.
  • Don’t be afraid to go off-topic for a few minutes.
  • Remember that Mexicans have a different perception of government services than Americans. Check out the slide below.
  • Mexico is an extremely diverse country, so people from the city will respond differently than people from the country.
  • Remember that first-generation immigrants will respond differently than second-generation or third-generation immigrants.
Understanding Mexican Culture - webinar by Efrain Gutierrez

Understanding Mexican Culture - webinar by Efrain Gutierrez